Hotel Delmaar

Hotel Delmaar is the latest addition to Azure’s boutique folio, Sly Storys. Aiming to capture the romanticized abstract aura of a time (between the 1920s – 40s) when many diplomats, colonialists and expats traveled to areas around the Mediterranean Sea, Hotel Delmaar transports its guests to a time when grand family-owned hotels had a lot of energy and mingling of people in an exotic land far from their homes.

Menu Inspiration

The concept aims to capture an entirely new genre of Food and Beverages  in the Indian market – that of Maghreb and Southern Spanish/European style tapas. Hotel Delmaar features an all-day menu that comprises of tapas plates, entrees with some large plates, desserts, coffee, wine and beer.

Taking inspirations from London’s Palomar and Barrafina, the food in an amalgamation of North African, Southern Spanish & French with hints of Greek and Middle-eastern food.

Curated by Chef Nicole Lott, whose recipes can be tried at the famous chain of restaurants LaPetite Maison, and Janti Dugal, Hotel Delmaar’s kitchen program is meant to delight all palates alike.



New Delhi : Select Citywalk Mall, S-14, 2nd Floor, New Delhi, 110017

Call : +91-9650701647

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