Sly Granny

What if you barely knew your grandmother and one day the phone rings and you are told that she has willed you this huge apartment in Bangalore!? Problem is you live in New York. That’s the soup we found Dev in. He loved the portent and all his granny’s mad ways – her collection of liquor, odd furniture… The many corridors and secret staircases – the place was kick ass. So he decided to bring some of his yankee stuff back, mix it up with his supercool granny’s hoarded stuff and open the house for Bangalore’s hipsters!

The first Granny outlet now has a tapas dining room, the lounge room, the original granny terrace and a few other unmentionables – Dev is back in New York but we are thrilled to show you the house – coming?

Created on the site that was once the home of a granny, Sly Granny is Bangalore’s community house. A collection of spaces, filled with curiosities/doors/staircases and corridors, Sly Granny is a space for discerning ladies and gentleman. With a tapas dining room, living room terrace,cocktail bars, spaces for film screenings, an arts collective, philosophy club, book exchange and other unmentionable things – Sly Granny is open to those who value their time and company, all the time!

Preceding a successful run in Bangalore, we decided to bring Granny’s Vacation home to Delhi,and where else would this posh madam surface, if not Khan Market! Finding its way as a holiday retreat for the notorious grandmother, this outpost is designed like an intimate and welcoming community house complete with curious staircases and a collection of spaces with varied experiences.

The lounge transforms into “Granny’s Parlour”; as the clock strikes 9:30pm; aiming to be a late night spot for discerning people who want to get away from crowds.Visit; eat, drink and make faces.

(Whimsical snoots and other exotic animals are also welcome, and affairs are fully encouraged)

Menu Inspiration

Granny’s menu is eclectic and whimsical with underlying European influences, offering tapas selections, small plates, large plates, a special wine menu and house concoctions made with homemade bitters & syrups and spirits from Granny’s treasured liquor cabinet. Remember,once you’re at Granny’s it’s tough to leave just after one drink.

For early risers or weekend pajama party-goers, Granny’s Breakfast Club is just the perfect way to start the day; not to forget that Granny transforms into a great brunch spot too.

The kitchen program is spearheaded by Azure’s Mama Janti Dugal with Chef Varun Pereira’shelp in Bangalore and Chef Utkarsh Bhalla’s support in Delhi.


From stimulating discussions at the Mind Manifesto weekend philosophy club to Granny’s Parlour Takeovers by city’s most popular, Granny’s got talent through the doors all along.

Find here a glimpse of what’s been up at Granny’s community house.


Bengaluru: 3rd Floor, # 618, Above Chicco, 12th Main Rd, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Call : 080-48536712 / 080-48536715

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New Delhi: No. – 4, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Call : 011-33107573

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